Dehvo (Deh)

Deh is our network's native and primary token. It is the native token of Dehvo.
As of now, you can use DEH to:
  • Pay for network and gas fees on Dehvo;
  • Execute cross-border, trustless, and fast payments;
  • Exercise on-chain governance on Dehvo; and
  • Pay for products and services on affiliated marketplaces;

Basic Information

Name: Dehvo
Symbol: Deh
Standard: Native
Available Networks: Dehvo

Contract Addresses

Coming soon...

Symbol & Denomination

We have created a reference scheme for using Deh denominated units of account. Deh is a decimal currency, and each unit can be further split into 18 decimal points for lower amounts' referencing or precise accounting. Below a table of nomenclatures to be used while referring to Supernova denominated units of account:
Symbol Abbreviation DEH
1 Cents

Abbreviation (Deh)

Deh can be abbreviated as Deh, which should be used before the units being referenced. Example: Deh 100 in representation of one hundred units of Supernova Token.

Symbol ($Deh)

Deh can also be represented by its symbol, $Deh, which should be used before the units being referenced. Example: $Deh 100 in representation of one hundred units of Deh.You can use and may see in a lot of our platforms the Supernova symbol and abbreviation being used interchangeably.

Token Economics

Deh token economics promote fair distribution amongst the community, scarcity, and holding incentives for users. A small portion of its supply is burned every time a user sends a transaction on Dehvo, and this ensures balance to the inflationary nature of the tokens, as they are used to pay for block rewards on the network.



There Are 1,000,000,000 Deh
Deflation Rate
Deh is not created on every block mined, thus bringing an deflationary element to the economics of the coin. Because the no new Deh is produced every year creates a steadily shrinking supply, it is expected that the deflation rate will increase as years go by, and this will also be countered by the built-in burning mechanism that burns the fees used to pay for transactions.

Usage Fees & Burning Mechanism

Dehvo burns the gas fees used to pay for transactions to the validator.

Tokens Initial Allocation

Community Distribution and Direct Token Sales

The total supply, 1,000,000,000 tokens were allocated to be distributed to the community in different stages of the project.